2021 Expected Foals

Expected 2021 Foals due at KD Performance Horses, LLC


Due April 2021
Mystery Stallion <3 X Rosie's Dancin to Cotton Eyed Joe
Due April 2021
Mystery Stallion <3 X Hope of Glory Betty Davis Eyes
Due April 24th 2021
HSF Tatu x May Day Mia
Due May 18th, 2021
EW Gorgeous George X Misty Valley Olivia

Owned by our amazing client Hope of Glory Gypsy Horses
Due July 24th, 2021
SSFR Deuce is Wild X Hope of Glory Amber
Due May 24th
SD Gold Top X WHR Prime Patchwork
Due June 21st
Gitt A Hunka Burn N Love
Majikal Farm Stardust
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