Client reviews

Alecia & Brugger


Within 9 months of being in Katie's training program, my 4 year old Gypsy went through a complete transformation. She built his foundation for learning which allows me to continue his growth at home. She worked at the speed both of us were capable of learning and treats each client as an individual with different learning needs and timelines for a truly 100% customizable program. With Katie's guidance, Brugger has exceeded every expectation. She takes the time to educate me and help me become a better rider for my horse. I am so thankful I know such a smart and kind horse professional. I will never go anywhere else.

Shannon & Hank (SD Hercules)


I find Katie to be the most intelligent and skilled horsewoman that I’ve ever known. She is informative, professional and most important, considerate of her clients.

Melissa & Titan


Our family decided to purchase a Gypsy but didn’t know where to start. My friend, Alyssa Tjosaas recommended Katie. I contacted her and I immediately felt welcomed. As our family searched for horses, Katie’s name seemed to pop up everywhere and the things people said about her were wonderful. With several people’s help including Katie’s we found the perfect horse for our family. We sent him to training with her and it was worth every penny spent. I never had to wonder if my horse was ok or how it was being taken care of. Katie’s communication was second to none. I’d get video’s and through explanations. I knew that my horse was being worked and didn’t have to worry about the type of hands he was in. Since our gelding has been home there isn’t much we haven’t done with him. Katie was still available any time after we picked him up for questions and help. She definitely found her nitch. There is a reason that Katie has the reputation that she does and has earned every bit of it... you’re doing something right if you can do that in the horse industry! She has nothing but my utmost respect and I wouldn’t think twice about doing business with her again.

Bill & Archer


 first brought Archer to Katie in June after being referred by Leanna Giles. Prior to arriving at KD Performance horses, Archer was not a rideable horse and needed a refresher course on his ground manners. We adopted Archer from the MNHAR. He had trust issues and training inconsistencies due to improper, non-professional training. The first six weeks of training with Katie, Archer began to respond very well to Katie’s training techniques. She developed Archer’s confidence and trust in humans. After waiting over a year to put Archer under saddle I was able to ride Archer for the first time. This was such a great feeling to see we were on the correct path as a result of Katie’s training. Katie gave Archer a solid base to start from as well as giving me the tools and the preparing to be more successful with my horse. It was important for us to work as a team so she also gave me lessons! Katie provided the highest level of care while he was with her and provided me with insight how on to better care for him. Thank you Katie for the start of Archer’s and my journey together. You are amazing!

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